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Frequently Asked Questions:

This mastermind is for Couples who:

  • Are looking to up-level their sex and love life as a whole
  • Experience difficulty communicating their needs, wants, desires, and boundaries (both in and out of the bedroom)
  • Want MORE from their relationships (depth, intimacy, adventure)
  • Sometimes (or all the time) feel their sex life is: lackluster, monotonous, dull, boring, routine, infrequent, too vanilla, OR all the above!
  • Have feelings of being not enough/too much and therefore scared to talk about what they actually want
  • Experience a mismatched libido but unsure how to chat about it
  • Are not feeling fully expressed or satisfied but have a desire to be
  • Have a good sex life, or relationship, and want it to be WAY better 

Couples Goals is a 6-week program.


Calls are EVERYTHING. We intentionally curate an intimate container with personalized support and connection. Calls are interactive, while we MINIMALLY talk at you and MAXIMALLY work with you. This is your time and a safe space to play.

The group calls are delivered live on a weekday evening with replay access and are 2 hours long.

6 live group coaching calls with Jordan + Alexa and the other couples working on their sex and love lives.

There is also a bonus men and women only call.

Community building in a private Telegram thread.

Sex & Love Academy is also included for FREE!

Sex & Love Academy: 

  • Module 1 - Welcome, Forgiveness, Support Squad, Up-leveling Friendships

  • Module 2 - Sex Ed Basics: Anatomy, Sexual Health

  • Module 3 - Sex Ed Advanced: Lube, Toys, Kink, Tantra, BDSM

  • Module 4 - Communication

  • Module 5 - Relationships by YOUR Design

  • Module 6 - Sex Magick & Beyond

... and so much more!


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