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Frequently Asked Questions:

 The Facilitator Training is for you if:

  • You desire to be more confident in your abilities to facilitate both in-person and virtually
  • You desire more practical and somatic tools for your coaching toolbox
  • You believe that learning can be fun and are down for a good time ;) 
  • You desire to feel more versatile and well-rounded in your coaching
  • You wish to have more practice and embodiment in your coaching 
  • You are ready to fully uplevel your abilities to guide people
    and feel SO confident doing so!
  • You are new to coaching and want an immersive experience to support you
  • You are an OG in coaching but desire to have more tools around sex, love & intimacy
  • You are a guide, healer, coach, therapist, and/or mentor who wants to deepen your abilities to serve your clients
  • You wish to network with other coaches who are on a mission to serve their clients as well-rounded as possible

You do NOT need to be an active coach to be able to attend. Experience is recommended, but not required.

  •  A 3-day facilitator training with the Sex & Love Co. team 

  •  Workshops on how to host women’s circles, develop your own workshops, and how/when to host retreats
  • Any activities planned including coaching throughout the weekend
  •  1-month Telegram integration support (voice notes, video, chat)
  •  Hands-on experience as a Sex Coach
  • An array of healthy beverages and snacks throughout the weekend

    (*airfare, lodging, and meals are not included)

The next 3-day facilitator training will be in October 2024. Official dates to be released soon.


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