Women's Retreat in New Orleans









Explore your desires, dive into your sensuality, and experience all the pleasure.

Enjoy a luxurious immersion in New Orleans, LA where you have a safe space to explore the sensual & sexual woman that you truly are! 

Ready for "the more" not just in your sex life but in your life as a whole? 


This experience is for the woman who's ready for more.

More pleasure.

More sensuality.

More confidence.

This is your opportunity to dive right in.

No more waiting for the perfect moment, or saving your pleasure for last.

Because when you know yourself as a sexually expressed woman, you become more magnetic, more abundant, and more alive.

We're here to help you take a stand for yourself and your pleasure.

Because you deserve to know the depths of your sexuality and the incredible things your body is capable of.

That's why we created the Fully Embodied Woman Retreat - a small-group immersion in New Orleans, LA where you and a handful of other women will spend an entire weekend exploring the depths of who you truly are as women.

Join us!

The Fully Embodied Woman is for you if...

  • You are ready to explore your sexuality and all of the juiciness that comes with it.
  • You prefer in-person and hands-on experiences.
  • You love to be pampered and experience luxury, or it's an edge for you to spend money on yourself in this way.
  • You desire to learn more about your sensuality and the different ways to express it.

You are ready to feel fully expressed sexually

and feel SO confident in that expression!

 ...or if

  • You are ready to feel safe in your body and safe to explore your desires.
  • You want to try things like Shibari, embodiment practices, cacao ceremonies, and more.
  • You want to explore the range of the feminine from sacred slut to sorceress to queen and more.
  • You are ready to reclaim all parts of you and own your sexual side once and for all. 

The Fully Embodied Woman

A luxurious small group immersion where you have a safe space to explore the sensual & sexual woman that you truly are! 

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What women are saying...


Amber R. 

This experience was therapy for me. It has improved my relationships and my marriage. Most people want to have a better relationship with themselves and learn self-love, or improve their relationships with others in a partnership or a marriage- this work elevates that.

Lyndsey C.

This entire retreat has been impactful. Every single part of it works in different areas of what I am hoping to achieve in being more fully expressed and embodying all the different parts of me. Life moving forward is going to be different. I feel like I can do anything and conquer the world because I now know I can trust myself.

The Fully Embodied Woman Itinerary

Monday May 29th: 

  • Your journey begins with 4 weeks of prep work including 4 live, virtual,  group calls that will take you deeper into feminine embodiment and prepare you for an expansive long weekend in New Orleans.

Thursday, June 22nd

Arrive in New Orleans and check in to your luxurious Air BnB by 5 PM CST

Logistics + welcome ceremony

Catered dinner

Friday, June 23rd - Saturday, June 24th

Slow mornings with coffee, tea, and breakfast

Workshops geared to help you open up to more of the woman you truly are inside

Excursions - Nola twerk class, shopping at some favorite local adult shops in the city, session with a Voodoo priestess, New Orleans ghost tour

So much yummy, traditional New Orleans cuisine!

Sunday, June 25th

Closing ceremony & check out by 11 AM CST

What's Included:

  •  All of your meals

  •  Your luxurious Airbnb stay

  •  Any excursions or activities planned

  • 4 weeks of prep work including 4 live, virtual,  group calls that will take you deeper into feminine embodiment and prepare you for an expansive long weekend in New Orleans.
  •  1-month post-retreat Telegram integration support (voice notes, video, chat)

    (*airfare not included)

    Bonus: Own Your Orgasm Virtual Experience $1297 value

Jessi G.

“I didn’t really have expectations when I came in, and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life! The best thing of all is how present Alexa was. She showed up, was there, was looking at me when speaking to me, and took the time to be with every single person. It was incredible…”

The Fully Embodied Woman Bonus   

When you invest in this small group immersion with Alexa, you'll receive our signature course, Own Your Orgasm ($1297 value):

  • Own Your Orgasm - An 8-Week Transformational Program

    • Have better orgasms, more confidence sexually, and a deep knowing of your desires

    • You'll receive 5 Modules & Videos, Meditations, Embodiment Practices & more

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