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Ready for an epic sex life?


Most people are having okay sex. It's not terrible, but it's not great either.

I'm going to share a secret with you. You don't have to settle.

You can have the sex life you've always desired.

Or maybe you don't even know what you desire. That's okay too!

In fact, lots of people come to me and have no idea what they desire sexually. They are certain they want "more" but don't know what the "more" even is.

Knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. That's where I can help. When the curiosity starts to feel like overwhelm I am here for you.

This is exactly why I created Sex & Love Academy.

So that I can show you what's possible in sex, love and relationships, as well as how to create a sex life that is PERFECT for you... how to have a really great time creating all of it!

Sex & Love Academy is for you if...

  • You wonder what it would be like to intentionally and consciously create your relationships
  • You are curious about all the sex things: orgasms, lube, toys, tantra, kink, etc
  • You desire to make sex more pleasurable and more fun
  • You want to work through old relationship patterns that are not serving you
  • You want to create a relationship by your design and not by the design of your family/faith/society

You want MORE 

and don't know what the more is or where to start

 ...or if

  • You are ready to learn more about yourself and your desires as well as how to communicate those desires confidently
  • You are done feeling stuck and feel ready to move forward and take action 
  • You are ready to shed the shame, guilt, and heaviness you’ve been carrying when it comes to your sex life
  • You are ready to rewrite old stories that are no longer serving you
  • You are ready to connect with a community of other sex-positive humans doing the work alongside you

A Transformational Course

Expand your sexual knowledge, improve your communication skills, and create the sex and love life you've always desired

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Priscilla G.

I feel such empowered growth in my communication. I know how to call in the relationship I deserve and where my boundaries are. I also discovered types of sex I can have and how to feel comfortable within in my next relationship. I feel a deeper love and bond with myself while single. Thank you for opening my mind to BDSM and more kinks! I could talk for days about what I’ve learned but overall I'm so grateful for Bryn and Alexa! 

James & Angela M.

My wife and I have had amazing sex our whole marriage, but there was always an undercurrent of tension on the subject. We were struggling with the conundrum of "I want more" versus "I don't feel enough". SLA provided us with the framework, support, and language to safely explore how we could grow the depth of our intimacy, and the umph of our orgasms, allowing us to become a better team and create the sex life we both desired. I wish we would have done this yeeeaaars ago!

In the Sex & Love Academy, we'll cover:


Module 1 - Welcome, Forgiveness, Support Squad, Up-leveling Friendships

  • We start by taking a look within. In order for us to create space for what we desire, we must forgive, and release what is no longer serving us. This looks like forgiving ourselves, past partners, parents, etc.
  • We also evaluate our current friendships and invite them to become next level.
  • Lastly, we make sure you have FULL support squad assembled so that you are prepared for whatever comes your way.

Module 2 - Sex Ed Basics: Anatomy, Sexual Health

  • Next, we go into the sex education I wish everyone could have received from a young age. This includes an in-depth anatomy lesson, learning about hormones and cycles, as well as the importance of getting tested for STIs, and my personal favorite subject...orgasms!

Module 3 - Sex Ed Advanced: Lube, Toys, Kink, Tantra, BDSM

  • Once we cover the basics, then we get into more advanced sex! We'll cover a lot of different topics such as Kink, Tantra and BDSM. We'll give you a taste of each so that you can get a feel of what excites you and what you want to explore more.
  • We also cover all the different types of sex toys, and the many fun ways to use them, along with the importance of lube!

Module 4 - Communication

  • Now that we know what types of sex are available and possible, it's time to get clear on our communication. In this module, I talk about how to create a container for expression, how to set proper boundaries, how to ask for what you want, and how to negotiate.
  • In addition, I give you some of my FAVORITE resources to help you establish better communication, like the Want, Will, Won't List, and the Sex Recipe worksheet.

Module 5 - Relationships by YOUR Design

  • Now it's time to create your relationship by YOUR design! Whether you are single, or in a relationship, it's so important to know what is important to you. This way you can create a relationship that is perfect for YOU.
  • For example, what are your standards, and what are the standards of the person you wish to date/be in a relationship with? How are you prepared to show up in order to receive what you desire? If you want a particular type of relationship, what will it require from you?
  • In this module, I cover: Ideal Relationships, Values, Vision, Personal Development, and Types of Relationships Styles.

Module 6 - Sex Magick & Beyond

  • To round us out, it's time to create some magick together! I'll show you how to create a sex magick ritual whether you are partnered, or solo.
  • Lastly, I want to make sure you feel super equipped to keep exploring if you so choose. I'll show you how to create a plan of action for yourself once we are done! 

What's Included

  • 6 Modules Packed with Sex Education, Exercises & More
  • Lifetime Access and Access to All Future Updates to this Program

  • Exclusive Access to the SLA Online Portal

  • Worksheets, Audios, Meditations, and Other Exclusive Program Materials

Molly E.

Alexa is one of the most authentic, genuine, and caring women that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Her passion for sex is contagious and filled with knowledge. Working with Alexa has up-leveled my life in many different ways - but ultimately, she shows up and is the role model in love and life that we never had.

Kimra L.

Alexa will not only support you in the logistics of sex, intimacy, and pleasure, but she will help you in communicating your needs and deepest desires so your relationships are filled with pleasure and connection that you’ve never felt before. Give yourself permission to play, dive deep into sex, love and relationships and work with Alexa, today.

Bryn M.

This completely transformed the way I showed up for myself and my relationships. I went from not knowing my own sexual desires to being fully confident in what I want and having the tools to communicate all of it. And best of all, I love myself more than I knew was possible. 

I'm Alexa and this is my story


I’m a sex, love, and relationship coach for curious and open-minded people who are ready to create the most epic sex and love lives but don’t know where to start.

In my experience, I believe people often settle, instead of having the sex and love of their dreams. At least that’s how I used to operate.

I constantly questioned my own sex and love life. “There’s got to be more than this. Is this really as good as it gets?

It took me being ready to DO the work, take a look at myself, and get clear on what I actually wanted in order to create a satisfying sex life.

So here's what I did about it


I took an active role in educating myself, had major mindset shifts, learned how to communicate in and out of the bedroom, and invested in mentorship.

Since I made that decision to commit to myself, and do the deep work that is necessary to up-level, I have a sex and love life that I'm obssesed with.

Now I’m packaging EVERYTHING I have learned from my personal experience, what I've learned working with clients over the last 4 years, plus running a community of over 5,000 sex curious people into the Sex & Love Academy. So you can have the relationships, sex, and love that YOU’VE always dreamed of.

This is what gets me out of bed every morning. It’s this mission that is SO much bigger than me. It’s knowing that you are only a few weeks away from COMPLETELY transforming your sex, love, and relationships forever.

Because life is TOO DAMN SHORT to settle for anything less than what you deserve.

And in my opinion you deserve AWESOME sex, and NEXT LEVEL relationships!

Next Steps & How It Works


Upon enrollment, you’ll be sent an email that will prompt you to create a username and password. This will be your SLA student portal login info and will be where you access your SLA materials. You'll immediately get access to all of the content so you can go through it as quickly, or as slowly, as you'd like.

Each module is filled with:

  • Communication tips and techniques
  • Introspective journaling prompts
  • Manifestation + mindset strategies to use along the way
  • Unique perspectives to assist you in creating a sex and love life you are wildly obsessed with
  • Activities and worksheets to go through individually and with a partner

You will have all content and any future updates for life and instant access to any bonus courses.

Shane Z.

Alexa is the best in her field and know's what's up! For all things sex, relationships, and communication, she's your go to gal.

Kelly G.

Alexa has opened my eyes and heart SO much in myself and my marriage. Andrew and I probably wouldn't be together if it wasn't for her education, compassion, and willingness to share her own experiences. I KNOW we wouldn't have the passionate, amazing sex life we do if it wasn't for her.

Jasmine R.

Alexa's coaching groups are epic! I have shifted in such deep soul levels more in the past 3 months than the entire year and a half of self dedication.

Your Investment

All In Plan


1 Payment

Save over $50 when you pay in full!

I'm in!

2 Payment Plan


Two easy, monthly payments

Let's do this

Sydnie J.

SLA showed me that I am worthy of everything I desire; sexually, romantically, emotionally, & spiritually. It also taught me that I am capable of loving after being hurt, and that it doesn't have to be this terrifying or triggering experience because I know what I want and need.

Jeremy M.

I love creating thoughtful rituals in my life and in my partnership, and I'm very grateful for the inspirations and prompts from this course toward some very nourishing rituals to explore greater communication, love, pleasure, and sex in a continuing practice.

One last thing...


You are worthy of all the pleasure you can imagine and so much more!

There is a WELL of untapped orgasmic potential inside of you and together we are going to explore it.

It’s not too late, you are not broken, you are not too old, your relationship isn’t too far gone, it’s not too soon, etc.

And in case you need a are capable, you are deserving, you are and always will be more than enough.

Doing this work RIGHT NOW will pay you and your future/current relationship back in dividends!

No more waiting, wishing, hoping…

now is your time to have it all.

All the love, sex, adventure, spontaneity, exploration, connection, intimacy!

Now, let’s get it! 

Love you more than you’ll ever know.

- Alexa

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