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Frequently Asked Questions

This guide is for anyone who wants to support themselves and partner(s) in deepening their intimacy, leading to more connected and fulfilling sex. 

When you download this free resource, we'll immediately send you a 15-minute video that explains how to do the touch exercise. We will also send you a written guide with extra tips and resources to enhance your experience like our touch game playlist. 

It's free, baby! We're on a mission to help the world have incredible sex lives. Hopefully this gift helps you to do just that.

Totally! The Touch Game is intended for enhancing couples romantic intimacy between couples, but it can be used platonically with a roommate, friend, family member, or anyone you want to to experience connection with through exchanging touch. It doesn't have to be s-explicit.

Absolutely not. This game is designed to foster all kinds of intimacy, not just physical.

For example, one great way to use it is for connecting to your partner before an important conversation.

It is also effective as a transitionary tool. A lot of couples find it difficult to make the shift from life responsibilities during the day to presence with their partner in the evening.


After you download The Touch Game Guidebook, listen to this episode of the podcast.

This mini-episode breaks down how to best play The Touch Game with your partner.

Once you've put this game into practice and have it in your back-pocket, your intimacy will be changed forever. It’s  super easy, playfully sensual and an incredibly effective way for you and your partner to become deeply connected and present with one another.

Listen Here

This simple, connective practice will become a staple to your intimacy.

(It also pairs nicely with the Relationship Check-In Guide)

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