Want access to your most connected & present sex yet?

Use this technique and free guide that we created to help get you there in as little as 15 minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

This guide is for anyone who wants to support themselves and their partners in deepening their intimacy and having more connected and fulfilling sex. 

When you download this free resource, we'll immediately send you a 15-minute video that explains how to do the touch exercise. We will also send you a written guide with extra tips and resources to enhance your experience like our touch game playlist. 

It's free, baby! We're on a mission to help the world have incredible sex lives. So we hope this gift helps you to do just that.

Totally! Although the touch game that we describe can be used for more romantic intimacy, it can certainly be used in a platonic way with a roommate, friend, or anyone you are desiring to receive non-sexual touch from. 

Absolutely not. This game can be used to create any intimacy, not just physical. 

For example, one of the ways we love to use it is to connect more to our partners before important conversations. 

Listen to this Episode

In addition to downloading the Touch Game Guidebook, I highly recommend that you listen to this episode of my podcast.

This mini-episode breaks down how to play the touch game with your partner to connect.

By putting this game into practice, you’ll change your intimacy forever. It’s a fun and beautiful way for you and your partner to be fully surrendered, in the moment, together!

Listen Here

Want to access your most connected & present sex yet?

Use this technique to get you there in only 15 minutes

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