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So you want to be a sex and relationships coach? 

Even better, a successful sex & relationships coach...

I've received DOZENS of direct messages every week for the past few years asking me the same question...

"Alexa, how did you become a sex and relationships coach?"

And you know what I tell them?

I tell them that all of the things you THINK you need aren't necessary.

You ‚ĚĆdon't‚ĚĆ need to get a 4-year degree to become a great coach.

You ‚ĚĆdon't‚ĚĆ need to lead with sex online.

Heck, you don't even have to be in a relationship, or having sex at all.

To become a great sex & relationships coach you must make one very important decision...

You must DECIDE you are a sex & relationships coach, and then begin.

This is exactly why I created Sex & Love University.

So that all you have to do is decide that it's time, and let me guide you the entire way.

It's time to become the sex & relationships coach that everyone wants to work with.

Are you ready to step into your calling?

Sex & Love University is for you if...

  • You've always been intrigued by sex, love, and relationships and how they operate
  • You naturally find yourself coaching your loved ones and friends about their relationships
  • You're ready to shift and/or grow your coaching practice but have no clue where to start
  • You've thought about going back to school to get a degree but don't want to wait that long to get started
  • You desire to become a coach but need some accountability & direction

You love talking about sex

and feel excited to create a life where you get paid to talk about it!

 ...or if

  • You are ready to feel confident as a coach and begin accepting paying clients
  • You are done feeling stuck in your professional life and feel ready to move forward and take action 
  • You are ready integrate sex into an existing coaching business
  • You are ready to connect with a community of other sex-positive coaches doing the work alongside you
  • You are ready to stop talking about it and FINALLY make your dream of becoming a sex coach a reality

A year long Sex Coaching Program

Gain a strong sex education, learn the foundations of great coaching, receive the necessary tools to run an online business, & become the sex & relationships coach everyone wants to work with!

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Megan K.

I grew up with a lot of shame around sex and the support of this program offered me the space to look at that and embrace my sexuality and pleasure. I feel grounded, centered, and ready to hold space for others. The marketing trimester in the program was gold. I love the step-by-step breakdown from Alexa and Serena of how to find my niche and put my voice as a coach out there! I can now confidently hold space for myself AND my clients.

Alex B.

This program has blown my expectations out of the water. The attention to detail, level of education, and community created is unmatched. The energy and vulnerability shown is empowering and inspiring…and Alexa and Serena set that tone from the very beginning. This program challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone, accept and love all pieces of yourself, and feel confident as a sex coach. I cannot recommend this program enough. It’s truly  life changing!

In Sex & Love University, we'll cover:


Trimester One: Sex Education and Personal Development

First, I start by exploring the foundations of your own life experience through both lenses of guiding you and showing you how to guide your future clients.


Module 1: Welcome, Forgiveness, Support Squad, High-level Friendships, and Intention Setting

Module 2: Sex Ed Basics: Anatomy & Sexual Health

Module 3: Sex Ed Advanced: Lube, Toys, Kink, Tantra, & BDSM

Module 4: Conscious Communication with Desires, Boundaries, and Negotiation 

Module 5: Relationships - Types of Relationships, Building Your Ideal Relationship, & More

Module 6: Sex Magic & Beyond 


Trimester Two: Coaching

Next, we go into the basics of coaching and what it takes to become a great coach. These valuable tools will vastly improve your coaching abilities. 


Module 1: Welcome & Coaching Foundations: Sacred Workspace, Protectors, and Creating Safety

Module 2: Coaching Calls and Structure

Module 3: Coaching Tools Part One: Setting Intentions, Breath Work, Somatics, and Identifying Limiting Beliefs

Module 4: Coaching Tools Part Two: Emotional Work & How to Process Shame, Sadness, and Anger 

Module 5: Coaching Tools Part Three: Self-Pleasure, Sex Education, Archetypes & Embodiment, and Tools for Cultivating Pleasure

Module 6: Coaching Tools Part Four: Eye Gazing, The Touch Game, Erotic Blueprints, WWW List, and the 5 Personality Patterns 


Trimester Three: Business, Marketing, and Sales

In the final Trimester we dive into the in's and out's of running a successful coaching business, so that you can have the coaching career of your dreams


Module 1: What kind of Coach will you be? Types of Coaching, Ideal Client Avatar, and I Help Statements

Module 2: Building Your Irresistible Offer: Identify & Create Your Offer, Market Research, Pricing, and Value Adds

Module 3: Speaking to Your Dream Client on Social Media, Top Tier Content, Content Creation, & Making a Great Post

Module 4: What Does Your “Storefront” Look Like? Branding, Inspiration, & Mood Boards

Module 5: How Do You Bring in Clients and Make Sales? Money, Attracting Clients, and Sales Calls 

Module 6: Celebration & Next Steps: What Do You Want Your Life to Look Like? Scheduling, Priorities, and Clients


Extra Coverage:

Simply because we want you to win!


Marketing: Newsletters & Building Your Email List, Lead Magnets, Public Relations, and Podcasting

Technology: Systems and Applications

Business 101: Contracts, Managing Your Money, and Setting up Your Business Entity

Molly E.

Alexa is one of the most authentic, genuine, and caring women that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Her passion for sex is contagious and filled with knowledge. Working with Alexa has up-leveled my life and coaching in many different ways - but ultimately, she shows up and is the role model in love and life that we never had.

Bryn M.

This completely transformed the way I showed up for myself, my relationships, and my business. I went from not knowing my own sexual desires to being fully confident in what I want and having the tools to communicate all of it. And best of all, I launched my first course confidently and with ease.

Your Sex & Love University BONUS!   

When you purchase Sex & Love University, you'll receive ALL OF OUR MINI-COURSES and a complimentary ticket to our In-Person Facilitator Training next fall ($3,975 value):

  • Faciltator Training - What you'll get:

    • A 3-day In-Person Facilitator Training with the Sex & Love Co. team 

    •  Workshops on how to host women’s circles, develop your own workshops, and how/when to host retreats

    •  Any activities planned including coaching throughout the weekend

    •  1-month Telegram integration support (voice notes, video, chat)

    •  Hands-on experience as a Sex & Relationships Coach

    •  An array of healthy beverages and snacks throughout the weekend

(*airfare, lodging, and meals are not included)


  • The Succesful Sex Coach - What you'll get:

    • How to get clear in your marketing message and attract the right clients

    • How to step into doing activities that light you up & not drain you

    • How to feel a sense of ease in your day to day

    • to live in abundance doing something you love

    • You'll receive 5 Modules & Videos, PDF's & Downloadables and a Guided Purpose Meditation


  • 6 Resources to Impact Your Sex, Love, & Relationship Coaching Business - What you'll get:
    • 15 Minute Meditation

    •  Journal with Guiding Questions

    •  Recorded Mantras

    •  6 amazing resources designed to up level your business

    •  Personalized videos from the Sex & Love Co. Team  

  • You'll also get:

    • Want, Will, Won't List Mini Course

    •  Sex Magick Simplified

    • Own Your Orgasm

    • Sacred Sexuality
    • Cock & Pussy Worship
    • Guided Kinky Meditation
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I'm Alexa and this is my story


I’m a sex, love, and relationship business coach for dedicated and passionate people who are ready to create a life of abundance doing what they love. 

In my experience, people make getting started as a coach harder than it needs to be

My journey to getting started was quite simple. It was when I DECIDED to be a sex coach. Yes, that's it.

And your journey can be that simple too.

First, I started talking to anyone and everyone who would listen about sex, love, and relationships. I coached my friends, my family, and eventually, my first client.

Then, I took an active role in educating myself. Yes, I have a degree. However, most of what I utilize in my coaching is all self and experience taught.

I am CONSTANTLY seeking deeper knowledge in my field. And the knowledge is VAST.

Becoming a sex coach gets to be easy


Because here's the thing. If I had waited to feel like I know it all, I'd never gotten to help the people that I have always known that I am here to serve. I would have made it so much harder than it needs to be.

I simply made a decision to serve.

Ever since I made that decision to commit to myself as a sex coach, I have been able to build a business and life that I love.

Now I’m packaging EVERYTHING I have learned from my entrepreneurial journey and what I've learned working with clients over the last 5 and a half years into Sex Coach Prep School. So that you can become the Sex Coach that you've always dreamed of...and that everyone dreams of working with!

This is what gets me out of bed every morning. It’s this mission that together we can help SO many more people.

It’s knowing that you are only a few months away from building a business that lights you up AND makes your money.

Because life is TOO DAMN SHORT to not live in your purpose.

And I'm here to support you through the very exciting and most important step. 

The step where you decide to begin.

Next Steps & How It Works


Upon enrollment, you’ll create a username and password. This will be your university student portal login and will be where you access your materials through the course.

Beginning in October, each week there will be a live group coaching call hosted on Zoom by Alexa and Serena.

Trimesters are all 12 weeks long and will include a 1 week integration period before beginning the next trimester.

You will also begin to receive embodiment and coaching assignments that you will get to work on weekly on your journey to becoming a sex coach.

If you have to miss a call, replays will be made available inside the private university student portal in Kajabi.

At the end of the course, you have all content and any future updates for life and instant access to any bonus courses.

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12 Payment Plan


Split payments across 12 months

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Results from a Former Client

Listen to This!


Looking for something to hold you over in the meantime? If you haven't yet, then I highly recommend that you listen to this episode of my podcast.

Episode 8 is all about the world of sex coaching and how to become one!

Learn how I ended up on the path of sex coaching, the different ways I help my clients, and the role of intention and integrity when you’re facing imposter syndrome.

I unpack the process of becoming a sex coach, sharing resources and training to help guide you on your own journey.

Listen Here

One last thing...


You are worthy of living the life of your dreams!

There is a WELL of untapped gifts inside of you and together we are going to explore it.

It’s not too late, you are not too old, you are not too underqualified, it’s not too soon, etc.

And in case you need a are capable, you are deserving, you are and always will be more than enough.

Doing this work RIGHT NOW will pay you and your future/current clients in dividends.

No more waiting, wishing, hoping…

now is your time to have it all.

It's time to become the sex, love, and relationship coach you've always dreamed of.

Now, let’s get it! 

Love you more than you’ll ever know.

- Alexa