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Frequently Asked Questions:

Well, it’s not for chicks (#dicksonly 🍆).

It’s for you IF...

  • You crave bro-time aka BROmance aka BROTHERHOOD.
  • You desire to be held accountable to taking inspired action toward your highest self.
  • You want to be a WORLD-CLASS lover (aka SEX GAWD).
  • You're ready to uplevel your romance and intimacy skills.
  • You find yourself in life-loops that are holding you back from consistent, deep fulfillment
  • You're intrigued by ‘men’s work’, but it sometimes seems too serious and/or cheesyAF
  • You want to feel more confident as a man, partner, husband, father.
  • You want to expand your capacity and effectiveness in your Health, Wealth and Relationships.
  • You want to feel ALIVE by doing FUNcomfortable things.
  • You are STOKED to connect with a community of like-hearted men and have meaningful FUN.
  • You wanna to stop talkin 'bout it and BE 'bout it. 
  • 3 calls/month with monthly guest facilitator, rites of passage, Q&A, hot seat coaching, and more...
    • Weekly calls every Tuesday from 6 - 7:30pm CST
    • One off-week per month (last week of the month, replaced with ALL-IN Couples)
  • Bonus 'Get Shit Done' (GSD) co-working seshes
  • Ongoing group messaging app support (Telegram)
  • Monthly rotating accountabili-buddy to more intimately connect 1:1 with a brotha from anotha motha in the group
  • World-class resources to support your BROwth (exclusive pdfs, online modules, courses, etc.)
  • Includes one in-person event in Austin (April 2024) or San Diego (September 2024)

*This is a 6-month agreement with no refunds or exchanges.

**2 Month 'Guarantee' Opt-Out Option: you can leave the group for any reason up to 2 months into your year commitment, and you will not be required to make the remaining payments.

A brand new CAR!!! Just kidding (but maybe).

If you show UP and REALLY commit to the experience, here is what you can expect:

  • To have greater self-confidence
  • To feel an unshakeable sense of abundance and gratitude
  • To know that you are a better, more capable man
  • To be healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • To make more money (or at least on the path)
  • To have REALationships with more substance
  • To be a sex/romance/intimacy GAWD (mostly kinda sorta prolly maybe-ish)
  • To know that you are a CATCH and women are privileged to be in your presence
  • To feel empowered to continue taking consistent inspired action
  • To have a community of lifelong brothers who are EAGER to support you

And as it goes in life, you get out what you put IN.


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