Sex Coach Prep School

A 6-week journey that starts April 9, 2024










Are you intrigued by the idea of becoming a sex coach but unsure of how to get started? You're not alone.


Many people are curious about this exciting field but don't know where to begin, or if it is even something they are ready to begin.

I know because every year I receive DOZENS of direct messages from men and women who are curious about how I got here and interested in learning more.

That's why I created Sex Coach Prep School... for you to learn more about sex and relationship coaching, explore what it is like, and experience it firsthand to know if it is the right next move for YOU and your career. To literally 'prep' you for what's next. I can help you make that leap and become the confident and successful sex coach you've always wanted to be, and it starts here.

Let me be clear - you don't need a fancy degree or tons of experience to be a great sex coach. All you need is the desire to help others and a willingness to learn.

With Sex Coach Prep School, you’ll develop your skills in sexual education, the in’s and out’s of relationships, and advance your coaching practices.

And the best part? You can do it all on your own terms. Whether you're in a relationship or not, whether you're having sex or not - it doesn't matter. As long as you're fully intrigued by becoming a sex coach and what that may look or feel like, you're ready to begin.

Sex Coach Prep School is for you if...

  • You've always been intrigued by sex, love, and relationships and how they operate
  • You naturally find yourself coaching your loved ones and friends about their relationships
  • You're ready to shift your coaching practice but have no clue where to start
  • You've thought about becoming a coach for a while and haven't explored it yet
  • You desire to become a coach but need some direction

You love talking about sex

and feel excited to create a life where you get paid to talk about it!

 ...or if

  • You are done feeling stuck in your professional life and feel ready to move forward and take action 
  • You are ready to develop your own personal sexual education and knowledge of these subjects
  • You are ready to connect with a community of other sex-positive people who are doing the work alongside you
  • You are ready to stop thinking about it and FINALLY take a step towards your dream of becoming a sex coach

A 6-Week Sex Coaching Program

Receive a strong sex education, learn the foundations of great coaching, & discover if sex coaching is right for YOU!

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Paige H.

For the first time, I felt held, supported, and challenged. The information Alexa and Serena gave me to become a Sex Coach was comprehensive and then some. I was told I can only lead clients as far as I had gone and then they stretched me to be able to hold space, lead with intentions, trust my abilities, and support my clients in living out their desires and lives filled with pleasure.

Grace E.

My time in this program has been absolutely wild in terms of personal growth. I didn’t sign up necessarily for the community I got to go on this journey with, but I am so grateful for it. The skills and confidence this has given me have shined through in my corporate job, romantic partnerships, and friendships. I am proof that this work matters, because (even though it might sound cliche) it has changed my life.

In Sex Coach Prep School, we'll cover:


Week One: Intro to Sex Education and Personal Development

  • First, I start by exploring the foundations of your own life experience through both lenses of guiding you and showing you how to guide your future clients.

Week Two: Sex Education- Sex Basics, Anatomy, Orgasms, Tantra, and BDSM/Kink

  • This is the start of sex education that I wish every coach had. It includes an in-depth anatomy lesson, learning about BDSM and kink, as well as tantra, and my personal favorite subject...orgasms!

Week ThreeRelationships

  • Here is where we will learn about the different types of relationships, how to create and sustain your ideal relationship and gain a variety of tools that can be used in ANY style of relationship.

Week FourCoaching Tools Part 1- Somatics, Breath Work, Setting Intentions, & Identifying Limiting Beliefs

  • Next, we go into the basics of coaching and what it takes to become a great coach. These valuable tools will vastly improve your coaching abilities.

Week FiveCoaching Tools Part 2- Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn how to support your clients in processing some of the most common emotions in a healthy way: Anger, Sadness, & Shame.

Week SixCoaching Tools Part 3- Sex, Pleasure, & Desire

  • As a budding sex coach, it is important to know how to guide your client into deeper levels of pleasure, access their authentic desires, and learn how to communicate about sex.

What's Included

  • 3 Live Group Coaching Calls with Alexa and Serena
  • 6+ hours of live training, 4+ hours of recorded modules, plus an additional 5+ hours of homework, exercises, and assignments.

  • A bonus 1:1 support call with a Sex & Love Co. team member
  • DIY Sex Coach Prep School Course in your Online Student Portal and lifetime access to this program
  • Private ongoing FB Group with access to your facilitators and fellow classmates for support and connection 
  • Exclusive Access to 2 BONUS business-related offers in your online student portal for FREE ($197 value)

  • Worksheets, Audios, Meditations, and Other Exclusive Program Materials

  • Sex Positive Coaching Network


BONUS* If you complete Sex Coach Prep School and want to keep going, you will receive a credit towards our advanced Sex Coaching offer: Sex & Love University.

Molly E.

Alexa is one of the most authentic, genuine, and caring women that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Her passion for sex is contagious and filled with knowledge. Working with Alexa has up-leveled my life and coaching in many different ways - but ultimately, she shows up and is the role model in love and life that we never had.

Bryn M.

This completely transformed the way I showed up for myself, my relationships, and my business. I went from not knowing my own sexual desires to being fully confident in what I want and having the tools to communicate all of it. And best of all, I launched my first course confidently and with ease.

Your Sex Coach Prep School Bonus!   

When you purchase Sex Coach Prep School, you'll receive the following mini-courses ($197 value):

  • The Successful Sex Coach-¬†What you'll get:

    • How to get clear in your marketing message and attract the right clients

    • How to step into doing activities that light you up & not drain you

    • How to feel a sense of ease in your day to day

    • to live in abundance doing something you love

    • You'll receive 5 Modules & Videos, PDF's & Downloadables and a¬†Guided Purpose Meditation


  • Resources That Impact Your Sex, Love, & Relationship Business-¬†What you'll get:
    • Self-Pleasure Practice Guide: Learn how to create an intentional self-pleasure practice for yourself, and how to guide and instruct your clients
    • STI Glossary: A quick reference guide with all the need to know
    • Coaching Call Structure & Guidelines: Use these guidelines to schedule out your future transformational coaching calls or start with the examples given
    • Somatics Glossary: Language you can use right away to deepen your coaching practice
    • Ideal Client Avatar Journal: Go through this exercise to get more in alignment with who you are meant to serve
    • Making a Great Post: Learn the various types of posts you can share on social media along with an easy guide to structure your posts so that they reach the eyes and ears of your Ideal Clients
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I'm Alexa and this is my story


I’m a sex, love, and relationship business coach for dedicated and passionate people who are ready to create a life of abundance by doing what they love. 

In my experience, people make getting started as a coach harder than it needs to be

My journey to getting started was quite simple. It was when I DECIDED to be a sex coach. Yes, that's it.

And your journey can be that simple too.

First, I started talking to anyone and everyone who would listen about sex, love, and relationships. I coached my friends, my family, and eventually, my first client.

Then, I took an active role in educating myself. Yes, I have a degree. However, most of what I utilize in my coaching is all self and experience taught.

I am CONSTANTLY seeking deeper knowledge in my field. And the knowledge is VAST.

Becoming a sex coach gets to be easy!

Because here's the thing. If I had waited to feel like I know it all, I'd never have gotten to help the people that I have always known that I am here to serve. I would have made it so much harder than it needs to be.

I simply made a decision to serve.

Ever since I made that decision to commit to myself as a sex coach, I have been able to build a business and life that I love. 

I need you. The world needs you. 

As an intimacy coach, we will truly never be out of work, because there will never be a shortage of humans desiring to learn how to love better. 


Whether you desire to become a coach, are a brand new one, or have made it your full-time career, I want us ALL to win. 

When you succeed at becoming a thriving sex and love coach, the world gets to heal with you.

 This is what gets me out of bed every morning. It’s this mission that together we can help SO many more people.

It’s knowing that you are only a few weeks away from building a business that lights you up AND makes you money.

Because life is TOO DAMN SHORT to not live in your purpose.

And I'm here to support you through the very exciting and most important step. 

The step where you decide to begin.

Next Steps & How It Works


Upon enrollment, you’ll create a username and password. This will be your SCPS student portal login and will be where you access your materials through the course.

Beginning on Summer of 2024 we start with our first of 3 LIVE group coaching calls hosted on Zoom by Alexa and Serena.

Over six weeks, you will complete the SCPS Online Course in your student portal. And you will join a private FB Group to meet your classmates.

You will also begin to receive embodiment and coaching assignments that you will get to work on weekly on your journey to becoming a sex coach AND a private 1:1 Support Call with a member of the Sex & Love Co. Team.

If you have to miss a call, replays will be made available inside the SCPS private portal in Kajabi.

At the end of the course, you have all content and any future updates for life and instant access to any bonus courses.

Sex Coach Prep School

A 6-week journey that starts April 9, 2024










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