Get what you crave, want, desire… need!

We’ve got everything for you to help
you create a life full of juicy pleasure, fulfilling love, and all the oh-so-
satisfying moments in between.

Customize your journey, and see which route is right for you.
Hint: there’s no wrong path.


Maybe you (or you and
your partner, or you
and your partners, and your partner’s partner) aren’t totally comfortable
with a group setting yet, and want to feel out this space more intimately first. This is your
safe space.

This 1:1, or 1:however many, is your personal coaching session to lube things up— figuratively, of course. What happens after is up to you, and deeply encouraged by us. We’ve built a team of professional coaches, so fill out an application, and in one business day, you’ll hear back from the coach we’ve thoughtfully matched for you.

Your first call with your personal coach is a free 30-minute dive into your desires, questions, insecurities, and walls around sex and love.

Once we get to know you deeper, we’ll lay out your plan: four 1:1 calls per month, email follow-ups with resources and notes, and voice messaging support so that we can support you in those in-between moments. This is your fully-stacked sex & love launchpad to the rest of your life.


Does being a Sex Coach feel like a calling? Does the urge ripple through your body, to support others through their own openness, expansion, and uncharted pleasure?

Yeah, we can relate! The fact
that you’re even feeling this pull
is beautiful, magnanimous, and vibrating with potential. And guess what? You don’t need to spend
tens of thousands on a 4-year degree to get there. You don’t need to be overtly sexual at all times to monetize your offerings, or polish
off an extensive list of accolades. You just need to feel it, like you do right now. That’s step one.

The first trimester, we break down six modules to cover
Sex Ed like you’ve never experienced it. The second trimester we go deep into the aspects of what it takes to
be a great coach. And finally, in your third trimester, we teach you how to package it all together and dive into business, marketing and sales.

Now that you’re here,
let us guide you the rest of the way. The 7-month online education program is loaded with the gritty basics - you’ll get really granular:
  • 18 Live Group Coaching Calls with Alexa and her support coaches, Bryn and Serena
  • 2 Weeks of Integration per Trimester
  • Private Facebook Group with access to your facilitators and fellow classmates for support and connection
  • 1 Month of Post-Program Integration including 4 additional Live Calls
  • Lifetime Access and Access to All Future Updates
    to this Program
  • Exclusive Access to the SCPS Online Portal



  • Worksheets, Audios, Meditations, and Other Exclusive Program Materials
  • Certificate of Completion (Contingent upon attendance
    and assignments*)
  • And of course, All 6 modules
    from the Academy covering everything from the basics to advanced sex ed, all things communication (aka the secret sauce) and Sex Magick.




This transformational course is for those looking to dive deeper into their own sexuality.

It’s designed to help us understand ourselves, explore our desires (even if you think you don’t have any), expand your sexual knowledge, and become a master communicator in the bedroom, and beyond.

These are priceless instruments that help us not only between the sheets, but in all aspects of our intimate lives and the relationships that define them. It’s physical, cerebral, spiritual, and deeply human.

In 6 juicy modules,
you’ll get the sex ed
basics (and the totally
advanced ed), applied
exercises to help
deepen your mind-body
connection, exclusive
access to our online
portal, worksheets,
audios, and meditations.