Deeply fulfilling
relationships & epic
adventurous sex

Our mission is to support you in having it all when it comes to love (and life).
Experience the irreplaceable depth of authentic, face-to-face connections.


We are dedicated to helping individuals and couples deepen their connections and enhance their life- while enjoying a luxury experience! Our retreats are not only transformative, and are crafted to serve men, women, and couples. The environment created is safe and supportive, while helping you to discover new ways to explore intimacy and forge deeper connections.


Leave shame at the door...

There is no one-size-fits-all
guidebook, so, we created our

private 1:1 (or 1:2)
coaching program to help guide

you through your questions,
needs, and desires. It’s a
comfortable, safe, vast,  and open space without
judgement—or limits!
Get private coaching tailored to your unique needs in sex, love, dating, 
and relationships from our team of professionals.

Become the sex coach that
everyone wants to work with!

It’s finally time to step into your calling. We believe that hiring sex coaches should be the norm. That’s why we created a program to make the path to your purpose clear, fun, and supported. Together, you will receive a strong sex education, learn the foundations of great coaching, the tools necessary to run a successful online coaching business, & become the coach everyone wants to work with. All it takes is saying "yes" to your dreams. 


Sex Coach
Prep School

get a taste of what it's like to be a sex and relationships coach. is this the right move for you?

If you’re unsure where to start with coaching, or if becoming a coach is even the RIGHT next move for you and your career- this is the place for you. Our team made a bite-size version of Sex & Love University as a starting point. Together we will move through sex education, personal development, and coaching skills so you can finally be clear on if this is what you want to do next.



A go at your own pace course for you to discover your turn-ons and step into your best sex life yet.

Navigating love and the depths of desire can be overwhelming. Allow the Academy to help you find comfort, guidance, and serve as a runway for you to fully realize your desires, boundaries, learn more about your body, and SO MUCH MORE. Let your curiosity - and an intimately connected professional - be your guide.



"Sex Coach Prep School helped me build confidence, learn how to do market research, with revamping my social media, how to build my email list, complete sales calls, how to offer a freebie and do a private coaching session... SO much!"


Sex Coach Prep School

“Sex & Love Academy showed me that I am worthy of everything I desire; sexually, romantically, emotionally, & spiritually. It also taught me that I am capable of loving after being hurt, and that it doesn’t have to be this terrifying or triggering experience because I know what I want and need.”


Sex & Love Academy

I am the type of human that likes to go all-in and not have to hold back. It was liberating for me to have that moment to JUST BE ME. This weekend made me feel SO self-accepting.”

Couples Goals Retreat

"It was incredible to connect with and through Jordan and Alexa. They brought inspiration, fun, joy and knowledge showing us how deep relationships can go, when you show up for them."

Couples Goals Virtual Program

"If you want to take your life to the next level, I couldn't recommend this program enough for that exact reason."

Virtual Mens Group
Amber Rees

"This experience was therapy for me. It has improved my relationships and my marriage. Most people want to have a better relationship with themselves and learn self-love, or improve their relationships with others in a partnership or a marriage- this work elevates that."

Amber Rees
Women’s Retreat
Scott Holliday

"From my experience, you get to learn a lot about yourself by seeing other men go through their vulnerable spaces, connection, comradery, play, and fun - which there was plenty of!"

Scott Holliday
Men’s Retreat

about S-E-X

Learn what the “more” we speak of really
is, discover
you’re far from alone, and
see the menu of what sex and
love can
look like - from the most vanilla to the
kinkiest you
can imagine. Join our podcast
to explore what sexual
development can
mean for you.

A safe and playful space to
explore curiosity, fantasy,
and deeper connection



Join Our Facebook Group: Sex & Love Co. Community is a safe space to talk freely about your sexual development journey, compassionately navigate conversations with other sex-positive individuals, and simply learn more about sex and love.

Check-in guide

your relationship like the most

important business
venture of your life.

If you’re committed to a partnership, then
that’s exactly what it is. This free
is a guided workbook to help
you not only get in the right headspace
and feel fully
empowered in your body, but
to lead you through vital relationship
check-ins with your
partner. Get ready to
fully support each other and your
collective growth.